Brazilian cuisine special ingredients

Beans – are probably the common ingredient of Brazilian cuisine, it appears on the table daily in many forms and colors, especially black beans, which are one of the key ingredients in the national dish, feijoada.

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Cassava root – is an important part of Brazilian cuisine. It can be fried as a side dish or appetizer or cooked with and mixed with a variety of meats, for recipes like escondidinho or vaca atolada. It can be find frozen in Latin American food stores or Asian grocers, and sometimes fresh in some fruit markets. #cassava

Cassava starch (or tapioca) – called povilho azedo in Brazil, is a fermented starch extracted from cassava root like cornflour in texture. It is used to make a variety food, like pão de queijo (cheese bread) and biscoito de polvilho. Can be find in major supermarkets and Asian grocery shops. #tapiocastarch