The Brazuca Catering speciality, Churrasco is the traditional Brazilian barbecue originated in southern Brazil. We use a variety of meats, pork, sausage, chicken, seafood which are cooked on our unique barbecue grill on skewers or grills above the embers produced by a special charcoal imported from Brazil that gives a special smoked flavour to the meat.

Churrasco can be served as a canapes (finger food) in cocktail parties or buffets,  food station, or a shared plate in a seat down functions. 

Below our churrasco range for buffets,  food station, and shared plate.


  • Costela (short ribs). LF, GF, LC

  • Assado de tira (thin ribs). LF, GF, LC

  • Picanha (rump cap). LF, GF, LC


  • Paleta de cordeiro (lamb shoulder). LF, GF, LC

  • Picanha de cordeiro (lamb ramp cap). LF, GF, LC

  • Lamb cutlets. LF, GF, LC


  • Costela de porco (pork ribs). LF, GF, LC

  • Pork belly. LF, GF, LC

  • Pork medallion with prosciutto. LF, GF, LC


  • Galeto (chicken thighs chops). LF, GF, LC

  • Chicken medallion with prosciutto & cheese. LF, GF

  • Chicken Winglets. LF, GF, LC

  • Coraçãozinho (chicken hearts). LF, GF, LC


  • Linguiça (Brazilian Chorizo). LF, GF, LC

  • Chicken Chorizo. LF, GF, LC

  • Choricito (mini smoked chorizo). LF, GF, LC


  • King Prawns. LF, GF, LC, CSF

  • Scallops. LF, GF, LC, CSF 


  • Abacaxi assado (pineapple with cinnamon). LF, GF, VGN

  • Roasted Mushroom. LF, GF, VGN

  • Cebola assada (roasted onion). LF, GF, VGN

  • Pimentão assado (roasted capsicum). LF, GF, VGN

  • Pão com alho (garlic bread). LF, GF, VGN



Dietary requirements abbreviations:

LF – Lactose Free / GF – Gluten Free /  Veg – Vegetarian / VGN – Vegan / LC – Low Carb

CN – Contains Nuts / CF – Contains Fish / CSF – Contains Sea Food / CE – Contains eggs / CS – Contains Soy