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Churrasco (Brazilian barbecue) which originated in southern Brazil is one of the most popular and appreciated dish in Brazil. It uses a variety of meats, which is cooked on a purpose-built "churrasqueira", a barbecue grill. All our range of Churrasco meals can be served in a buffet accompanied by salads, sauces, bread and butter. 

See bellow some of our packages options or Contact us for a quote.

Flexible price packages: 

Churrasco Buffet  Basic  - $34 p/person. Details

Churrasco Buffet  Standard - $39 p/person. Details

Churrasco Buffet  Deluxe - $48 p/person. Details

Fixed price package:

Churrasco Buffet  for 25 to 35 people - $1,050.00. Details

Churrasco Buffet  for 30 to 40 people - $1,330.00. Details

Churrasco Buffet  for 35 to 45 people (basic) - $1,565.00. Details

Churrasco Buffet  for 35 to 45 people (budget) -  $1,295.00. Details


  • The price is based on weekdays staff rates. Surcharge apply on weekends:                                                    Saturday: $50 per staff / Sunday: $100 per staff / Public holidays: $150 per staff.

  • Sydney area based price, travel time is charged for other areas.

  • The packages serves in average 600g to 800g per person.