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Sweet Canapés

Churros com doce de leite: churros with Brazilian caramel dip. 
Green figs compote and cream tartlet. 
Passion fruit mousse. 
Brazilian rice pudding on a cup. 
Brigadeiro (chocolate and condensed milk bonbon). 
Beijinho (coconut and condensed milk bonbon). 
Cajuzinho (peanut and condensed milk bonbon). 
Bixo de pé (strawberry and condensed milk bonbon). 
Brazilian deep-fried doughnut w/ banana and cinnamon sugar. 

Quindim (custard bonbon made from egg yolks, coconut and sugar).


Condensed milk pudding. 
Manjar (coconut and prunes pudding). 
Quindão (egg yolks and coconut pudding). 
Brazilian rice pudding. 

Açai and blueberry frozen cheesecake.


Cakes by Dream Sweet Dream


We are proudly supplied by Dream Sweet Dream, a
business specialized in gourmet deserts and
decorations who also produce marvelous personalized
cakes. So whatever occasion, weeding, baby showers,
birthday party, or any other celebration, we can bring
to you one of this beauties. Contact us for a quote.
For more details visit:



For prices and quotes, please contact us.

Dietary requirements abbreviations:

LF – Lactose Free / GF – Gluten Free /  Veg – Vegetarian / VGN – Vegan / LC – Low Carb

CN – Contains Nuts / CF – Contains Fish / CSF – Contains Sea Food / CE – Contains eggs / CS – Contains Soy

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