Cold Canapés


Ceviche boat tartlets with avocado puree and caviar. 
Quail egg tartlet with Dijon.
Cucumber Bites with Smoked Salmon.
Seafood black charcoal cone. 

Salpicão (chicken) crostini. 
Prosciutto, peas, and quail egg crostini. 

Smoked salmon crepe. 

Mini Sandwich

Turkey, apple and ricotta sandwich. 
Chicken and tarragon sandwich. 
Prawn, avocado, and bacon sandwich. 
Crab and watercress mayonnaise sandwich. 
Cucumber and mint sandwich. 
Rare roast beef and horseradish cream sandwich. 
Egg, lettuce and mayonnaise sandwich. 

Citrus prawn wraps. 

Chicken Caesar salad wraps. 

 Spoons, Skewers, & Sliders

Classic prawn cocktail spoon. 
Fragrant coconut prawns spoon. 

Five-layer sandwich. 
Salami, bocconcini, cherry tomato and basil. 
Stuffed medjool dates wrapped in prosciutto. 

Salpicão (chicken salad) slider. 
Pulled pork slider with coleslaw salad slider.