Hot Canapés

Gnochi Spoon.JPG

Crumbed prawns with haloumi on skewer. 

Isca de peixe (crumbed fish whiting strips). 
Mandioca frita: cassava chips. 
Pastel frito (Brazilian empanadas) - chicken, beef, prawn or cheese. 

Coxinha (potato and chicken croquettes). 
Kibe (Brazilian Kibbeh). 
Triple cheese ball croquettes. 
Smoked chorizo ball croquettes. 
Spicy lime pork croquette. 

Oven Baked Bites

Mini Brazilian hot-dog. 
Brazilian Chorizo & molho a campanha on a baguette. 
Pão de queijo: gluten free cheese-flavoured bread balls.
Pão de queijo with fillings (ham, Kransky, brazilian caramel
or guava paste). 
Brazilian baked empanadas - chicken, beef, prawn or cheese. 


Moqueca (fish stew). 
Gnocchi on pomodoro sauce. 
Pumpkin & prawn. 

Soup Shots

Black beans broth. 
Green peas cream with speck. 
Cassava soup with chorizo. 


Feijoada (black beans stew) with rice, farofa and orange. 
Moqueca (snapper and coconut stew) with rice.
Camarão na Moranga (Mash pumpkin topped with
prawns stew.