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Covid-19 Relief Donations

Updated: May 14, 2020

There are different ways you can help us to support international students and temporary visa workers who are struggling due to the covid-19 crisis.

Please see below the options:

Vouchers: you can donate Coles Grocery Gift Card, so we can send direct to people in need. Please, open the link above and follow the steps:

  • Select a value you would like to donate (if more than $50, please split the value in different cards by increasing the quantity).

  • Select digital.

  • Write the message "Covid-19 Relief Donation".

  • In the option number 2 "Delivery", use the name Brazuca Catering, select "Send all gift cards to this address" :

Alternatively, you can purchase a physical gift card at a store and send to us.

Money Deposit: you can send money to Brazuca Catering account to help us to purchase products to make the "Basic Needs Packs" and send to people in need.

Account Name: Brazuca Catering
BSB: 012406 
Account number: 311071148 
Message: Covid-19 Relief Donation

Facebook Fundraiser: Please visit our fundraiser page on to donate this way.

Click and Collect: you can purchase products online give to a person in need who will pick up the products in the store. It takes just a few minutes and is very convenient, helping us with the distribution as people collect by themselves. If you would like this option, please contact us and we will send you all the details. donate products to us to include in the "Basic Needs Packs".

Basic (or Community) Box: Woolworths and Coles also offers packs of essential products in the value of $80 that are delivered at people door, making it a more convenient option. If you like to you can donate one of those to someone in need. Please contact us and we will send you the person name and address and other details. Click the links above to know more about it.

Product donations: you can donate products to us to include in the "Basic Needs Packs". Please contact to arrange delivery or pick up.


Brazuca Catering
Address: Unit 2/883 King Georges Road, South Hurstville NSW 2221
Facebook Page:
Phone: Tiago - 0401 397 155

Please visit our website page to know more about our project Covid-19 Relief.

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