Brazilian Tapioca Crepe

Brazilian tapioca crepe is a popular street food made with tapioca starch and it can be make with a variety of fillings either savory or sweet filling, its all about your choice and creativity. This simple recipe, you can make it at home.


100gr tapioca starch

75ml water

Preparation :

Place tapioca starch in a bowl and add gradually water.

Mix it with a spoon

It will form little balls such as stones. So, you have to break it with a spoon, as small as possible .

Then, sift in a colander . It becames light and more uniform in texture . It can be called tapioca flour hydrated.

Heat a nonstick pan without greasing

Turn on low heat and spread a thin layer of tapioca flour hydrated.

Wait until the starch granules sticks together forming a flexible a disk .

After about 30 seconds, flip it and cook it briefly (20 seconds) on the other side.

Fill it with cheese, ham, tomato or anything that you like .

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