Meeting Meals

Chicken Sandwich
Mixed bread triangles Sandwiches

Turkey, apple and brie (lunch). 

Salami, lettuce and mozzarella (lunch). 

Classic tomato and tuna (lunch). 

Classic BLT (lunch). 

Classic Egg (lunch). 

Tarragon chicken salad (lunch). 

Gourmet mixed bread Sandwiches 

BLT Breakfast English muffins (breakfast).

Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels (breakfast). 

Bacon, mushroom and swiss cheese croissant (breakfast). 

Vegetable cream cheese bagels (breakfast). 

Chicken Caesar salad ciabatta (lunch). 

Steak chimichurri ciabatta (lunch). 

Spanish turkey and olives on baguettes (lunch). 

Roasted vegetables baguette (lunch). 


Spinach and mushroom scramble wraps (breakfast).

Huevos rancheros wraps (breakfast).

Lunch box tuna sushi (lunch).

Tomato , cucumber and feta roll-up (lunch).

Vegie and goat cheese wraps (lunch).

Crunchy vegetables wraps (lunch).

Greek salad wraps (lunch).

Caribbean chicken  wraps (lunch).

Mediterranean tuna wraps (lunch).